Dynamic CPM Scoring

Today’s almost perfect inventory liquidity powered by Programmatic trading companies has dramatically flattened the value of digital content. Real Time Bidding allows virtually anyone to become a publisher - while a two hundred word report produces almost the same revenue impact as 6 month journalistic investigation from a 100 year old publisher.

Newsroom AI allows you to dynamically score ad inventory associated with each individual article page - whether you’re using standard display, native or recommended deals, served by the Newsroom ad platform.  

1. Page Scoring 

A daily crawler is automatically scheduled to review the scoring of all your article from the last 60 days. The process evaluates news articles based on on a number of signals, such as word count, timestamp, media attachments and external references. 

For articles that are more than 1 day old - the process factors in time-on-page data — in an effort to determine the engagement potential delivered to the advertiser. 

 2. Applying Pricing Tiers

Once scoring is performed, the platform re-assigns CPM values to each individual ad unit delivering on the page. Pricing is established via 10 pre-set tiers with corresponding dollar values - that you can set up with your account management team. 

For example - a local report about store opening would get a 3 out of 10 score, a breaking news would get 5, while a “2018 Stock Markets Report” would most likely get 10, corresponding to a $15 CPM rate.

The system allows sales team to protect the value of their high quality content - while simultaneously opening up inventory for performance advertisers. As a consequence - direct sold performance campaigns or low CPM RTB fallbacks - can be automatically disabled for recent or high-value articles.

3. Disable ads across sensitive content

The system can be configured to completely disable ads for pages with sensitive content - such as accidents, terrorism or public service announcements.

4. Revenue Reporting 

Page level reporting (in Beta) allows editors to understand the revenue impact of their work - with a good estimate of the dollar value for each individual story. Current or past revenue scores are not disclosed.

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