Ad Products

Our ad products are designed to blend in natively into the reading experience of your users, while substantially improving advertiser ROI - when compared to investments in traditional display ads. We have explored a diverse range of options to minimise the number of ads served - zeroing in on fewer units with the highest engagement and revenue potential.

You can always plug in your existing display or video ad demand - such as DFP or other programmatic ad tags - however though, native products help your teams stand out - in a marketplace that is constantly shuffling billions of remnant ad impressions per month.

1. In-feed Native

A core platform offering, allowing you to create substantial native inventory across your newsfeed widgets. 

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 2. Flying Carpet

A high impact format delivered natively into the article pages.

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3. Interstitial

A full screen ad unit delivered in between site sections. 

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4. Recommended Deals

A recommendations carousels that promotes product catalogues or special deals. 

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5. Premium Content

A paywall alternative for selected high value content. 

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6. Amplify

An earned media aplification product. 

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7. Audience Extension

An opportunity to extend well beyond your existing ad-inventory.

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