User Experience

We're on a mission to help your teams deliver the fastest, richest and most rewarding user experience available over the mobile web today. We’re looking close the performance gap between native apps and mobile web products with a platform that makes the most out of today’s web standards and mobile device capabilities.

Swipe between sections

Swiping between sections gets users to quickly navigate towards new content, and enables discovery in an exciting serendipitous world. 

The Newsroom Experience

Swipe between articles

When in Article pages, users can quickly jump to the next story presented in the category feed with one simple lateral swipe. Five swipes later, users will arrive into the main category feed. 

The Newsroom Experience

Two Tap Social Sharing

The Action button is always in view on the Article pages and allows users to quickly share the story on their favourite social media channel, copy the link or save it for later in their content wallet. 

The Newsroom Experience


Find Stories You've Read in your News Wallet

The News Wallet automatically saves a record of all stories consumed by the users. With a noise-reduction mindset, the platform will not serve those stories again, so getting back to them would always be one tap away from any section of the site. 

The Newsroom Experience

Continous Reading

When enabled, continuous reading allows you to present an infinite reading experience, with one story loading after another. Please discuss setting this up with your account management team. 


Working example: