Your Data-Driven Newsfeed

Newsroom AI allows you to reconsider the role, form, and function of your newsfeed products - by extending the homepage experience over a consistent user journey that is unfolding across thousands of potential entry points throughout your site. 


The Newsfeed

Make informed decisions

With an incredibly versatile and modular design, your teams can now make informed decisions on the layout, authors or content categories allowed in the newsfeed. Widgets can be quickly rearranged or configured to surface more diverse or particular content from your CMS with just a few clicks.

Shape your traffic efficiently 

The Newsroom allows you to surface newsfeed content that drives traffic upstream to high-CPM verticals such as Autos, Finance, Food or Travel. The platform identifies top performing content from such verticals and introduces it seamlessly among everyday news or under specially designated widgets.

Content Diversity

Audiences today have grown increasingly addicted to the diversity introduced by social-media news feeds. The Newsroom allows you to “watch” external feeds and publish 3rd party content that’s ultimately published just like your own content.

Ultimate Speed

The Newsroom-powered newsfeed is optimised for almost instant delivery across all mobile devices and connection types. The client-side UX runs on an insanely efficient, Clojure-compiled code base that’s guaranteed to respond from locations under 10ms away to any mobile device on the planet. Most articles visible in the viewport are pre-cached on the initial load - reducing the page load time to under 0.1 seconds.

A mobile-only product

Unlike desktop-responsive sites, a Newsroom-powered site is only designed for devices that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Silent Personalisation

The experience of your users will be personalised based on content previously clicked, recommendations made or simply based on their city or region. However, we make sure that all of your audiences have access to breaking or latest news - prioritised at the top of the page.

Infinite Scroll

Your news feed can scroll in an infinite stream, while consistently improving with every user interaction. Widgets that give away more of the details of the story typically get users to “window-shop” and take their daily dose of information from the news feed itself.