Site Sections & Layouts

Your initial site sections would typically correspond to your top-level content categories. You can always add new sections or curate content from various categories, as well as  external content from like-minded publishers. 

Understanding Layout Performance

Section layouts can engage users in different ways. While expectations around a “Top Stories” section would involve condensed, easy to read, reverse chronological stories, a Fashion section would benefit from glossier, high-impact visuals and fewer stories per screen. See examples below: 


Layout A/B Testing

The Sections Dashboard 

The Section page gives you a visual representation of how widgets work together to create a diverse and rewarding experience for your readers.

The Sections Dashboard

In-feed widgets:

The site experiences are created by stacking up widgets consecutively on the page and then often looping these blocks infinitely - for as long as the user is going to scroll down for additional content. Read more about widgets to understand the dynamics and delivery algorithms that they use. 

Display ads are also set up as widgets in-feed (see #4 in the screen below) - so it’s very easy for you to understand ad-performance within various scenarios. 


In-feed widgets

In-article widgets: 

In Article widgets re-engage users with further reading. It’s common for users to be looking for the next story half-way through the article, so it’s a widget worth considering. 

Here are a few general settings for article widgets (mid-article or end-of article): 

  1. Related Stories
  2. More from the same author
  3. Top performing from the same content category
  4. Latest from the same content category
  5. Top Performing over 48hours from across all categories

Just like in-feed widget blocks, in-article widgets include display or high-impact ads that can be re-positioned throughout the article. 

In-article widgets

Re-arrange widgets across the section:

You can add new widgets or drag existing ones to re-position them on the page based on their performance metrics. However, it’s advisable to look at re-configuring content categories or permissions before de-prioritising a widget on the page. 

Re-arrange widgets across the section

Understand what runs where:

Discover the top stories that are winning their way into the section. 

Top Stories