The Editors Page presents all authors who have published content under their name. Their accounts are automatically created once the first story comes in, and activity reports start adding up as their content is advertised throughout the site or more content is published. 

View All Editors

The initial view shows you all the editors, and offers you the ability to look-up specific names or filter down editors who cover particular content categories. You can easily generate a view with that sorts the editors by their card click-through rates or number of stories published for the current day, week or month. 

Although far from perfect, these views give you an insight on your newsroom dynamics, and help you quickly address quality or volume issues. 

All Editors

The Editor's Dashboard

The page features all cards associated with articles published by the editor - a good place to dive into additional data on where specific content is making the most impact, A/B test headlines or boost specific stories for more visibility. Editors can get log-in credentials to access their personal dashboard. Please contact your Account Management team to have access set up. 

Editors can have their photos and profile information updated manually. A twitter handle can be added for each editor - to correlate their site activity with a potential traffic upside. 

Editor Details

Understand the contribution of each editor

The overview adds up the total number of cards published - an indicator of the editor’s performance among the team. The views field sums up all Cards impressions used to advertise the Editor’s content throughout the site. The revenue estimate can be configured to track down all display and native ad revenue associated with the content generated by one particular editor.

Editor Details