Recommended Deals

The recommended deals format allow your teams to approach traditional retailers, auto dealers or e-commerce companies with a highly engaging unit that showcases product catalogues, imported automatically via RSS or XML feeds. 

1. Inventory

Recommended deals can be set up in-feed or in-article and take as much space a standard 300x250 ad unit. 

2. Look and feel

Please see the video below for a better understanding of the deals format:

3. Ad Specs

Please contact your account management team for RSS / ad specs. 

4. Reporting

Different levels of reporting are available for the commercial teams, ad-operations teams, agency and client once the campaign goes live. Please read more about reporting.

Campaign Reports

5. Campaign Setup

For the time being, the Deals format is only set up by The Newsroom ad operations teams. Please contact your account manager for details.

6. Pricing Models

Native ad strategies support CPM and CPC pricing models. Pricing is set up on placement level - with some inventory being more expensive than other. Please contact your account management team for recommendations on pricing.

7. Client pitch-deck.