Interstitial Format

The interstitial unit is offering a full page experience that’s both impactful and respectful to the user. 

1. Inventory

The interstitial ad creates an ad-hoc ad opportunity when users swipe between site sections or articles. When no demand is active, users will swipe normally into the next section or article page. 

2. Look and feel

Please see the gallery below for a better understanding of the interstitial format. 

3. Ad Specs

Interstitial ads only serve under widgets set up for this purpose. Such campaign will not win - therefore not serve - when targeting any other inventory. 

  1. Sponsor’s Name
  2. 720x1280px main image (250kb max. size. Please note that images are automatically resized and cropped to fit all placement formats and aspect ratios)
  3. 627x627px image -  Sponsor’s logo 
  4. Video (for placements with video permissions) - Min 640x360 (16:9) or 640x480 (4:3). max 30 MB for every 30 seconds, Min 15 second duration Max 30 sseconds.
  5. Display URL - up to 35 characters (shown in the ad)
  6. Link URL - up to 2048 characters (can include trackers, referral IDs, etc)

This format can be set up as an HTML experience that includes animated or interactive elements. Please contact your account management team for additional details. 

4. Reporting

Different levels of reporting are available for the commercial teams, ad-operations teams, agency and client once the campaign goes live. Please read more about reporting .

5. Campaign Setup

Setting up interstitial campaigns takes under 5 minutes. Please read more about campaign setup .  

6. Pricing Models

Interstitial ad strategies support CPM and CPC pricing models. Pricing is set up on placement level - with some inventory being more expensive than other. Please contact your account management team for recommendations on pricing.