Amplify allows brands to increase readership of their earned media, such as press mentions, positive reviews or user videos - in the form of content recommendations.

1. What is earned media?

Earned media (or free media) refers to publicity gained through efforts other than paid advertising, which refers to publicity gained through advertising. Or owned media, which refers to branding.

2. So is all earned media created equal? 

No, and in fact learning how to weigh its value is an important task. In the tech and automotive verticals, for example, the more authoritative the source, the more influence it has with the consumer. Some other things to consider when scouting for earned media include: recency, geography, fairness, photo and video quality and overall verdict of the report.

3. Experts beat friends and influencers for advice on buying tech products

A recent study reveals that 85% of people think that the most useful and influential online content when they're considering buying tech products are articles, reviews, blog posts, and videos by experts. That's far more than 35% who cited brand content, 33% who trust family and friends, and just 6% who are most influenced by advertising.

A sequential approach:

1. Increase readership of your earned media via content recommendations.

Once earned media stories are identified - they’re delivered as native campaigns throughout your native ad inventory.

2. Capture responding audiences with Newsroom's DMP

All interactions are automatically captured into data segments and the user will be targeted by further stories. If, for example, the first story would feature “car safety”, the next story would amplify stories that are related to price or reliability - in the case of an auto campaign.


3. Retarget audiences in RTB, across Video, Display, Mobile

Audiences that have been exposed to the content are automatically retargeted in RTB (video, display, native) - across all global inventory - with a call-to-action campaign (buy, test drive, etc.).