Site Overview

The overview page gives you a good understanding of the number of stories that came in over a period of time, as well as the performance trends, CTR, time and screens per session. Selecting one metric will chart its performance over the current time range. Live right now data is integrated via Google Analytics. 

Site Overview

The Sections Dashboard 

Site sections are initially created from the top-level content categories coming in via the attached feeds. The first section will be the default landing experience into the site - and is typically the one that delivers the largest traffic volumes towards site articles. 

Site Overview

Understand the performance of each section

The page allows you to visualize the top level performance for each section. Screen depth represents the number of screens that users scroll down into the section page - a metric that’s directly proportional to the number of card impressions requested. 

Section Performance

Rearrange menu-items

You can easily rearrange top-level menu items in order to shape their overall traffic. Items that are higher up into the list tend to get more traffic than the ones placed down towards the bottom. However - your top tab can feature content from less visible sections, with a link to “See More” which takes the user to the respective section. Read more about navigation and user experience here.

Re-arrange menu items