Trade Content with Like-Minded Publishers

Content Opportunities are looking to address your audience’s increasing demand for content diversity, primarily educated by social media usage. Diversity is among the top motivations cited by US Facebook users who are using the platform as their main news source. 

Reasons to consider syndicating external content:

  1. save resources on covering topics that are not within your newsroom’s area of expertise (e.g., stock markets, world politics, science, health, etc);
  2. find new audiences for stories created by other publishers within your holding company (e.g., food video recipes, product reviews, etc);
  3. become a distribution platform for independent reporters or specialised bloggers by simply adding their Wordpress /Blogger RSS to your watch list;

Looking-up Partner Content

The Opportunities page acts as an exchange platform that allows you to watch external feeds and then selectively pick stories to preview and have published on your platform. 

Browse Partner Content

Content Sources

Third party feeds can be set up by your account management team, so you can immediately start watching content published by external publishers. 

External Content

Publish on your own platform

Publishing third-party content on your site is done with one single click - effectively converting the opportunity into a live article on your site. The article will be advertised by a card - in the same way your content is presented across the news feeds or recommendations widgets. 

Article pages will look exactly like in-house content, crediting the content creator with a logo and link to their site (e.g., Story by: Newquay Times).

Please note that your team must establish the legal framework for these partnerships. Contact your account management team for assistance. 

NWS Instant Article

Clarity for all parties

Once external stories are published on your platform, you can see their performance data on your cards page, by selecting the External Content filter. Do consider adding a variation to the original headline if you feel that you can “sell” this story to your audience with your own voice. 

The content creator can always see how the content they made available externally is published by partnering publishers such as yourself. Revenue share models can be established - rewarding the content creator with a $3 in revenue /1,000 page views, for example.

Card Report

Inventory Report

The content creator can easily see which publishers have picked up one story and how that story is performing on their sites.

Inventory Report

Change stages for imported content

Remember to check the card that’s created on your platform, and set up an Evergreen or Breaking status, for example. 

Story Stages