The Newsroom integrates over any Content Management System (CMS) via standard feeds or custom endpoints. 

The Newsroom RSS Connect

1. Connecting your Content

We currently support feeds under the following feed formats: 


Content can be presented in separate feeds or under one single feed for all content. In addition to the CMS feeds, publishers can bring-in external content from sources such as Associated Press or Reuters or stories from like-minded publishers. Read more about Opportunities.

2. Preview and configure your site

Your account management team will set up a preview instance and credentials for you to configure site sections, layouts or widget settings. 

3. Integrate your existing ad demand

You can set up any existing ad serving tags - such as Google DFP -  and set-up your section-specific ad placements. Once set up, ad placements will be identified as widgets that you can quickly re-position around your pages for optimal performance. 

However, we recommend looking to set up fewer display ad impressions and more of the native ad products available on the platform.

4. Tagging existing site

Adding the newsroom header tags to your site is the final step before introducing the new experience to your users. Please copy the tag below and have to be placed right before the </head> tags of your site. 

<!-- The Newsroom Start --> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"> <!--The Newsroom End-->

We do, however, recommend setting up an invite-only stage before going live with all audiences. 

5. Invite-only mode

The invite-only mode allows you to extend an invitation to a selected group of users, to test the new mobile experience. The invitation is deployed by The Newsroom (see example below) and can be targeted to specific audiences (e.g., visitors with 10+ visits / month, Android OS).

Once users accept the invitation, their default preference would be set up for the new experience. They can always switch back to the previous experience via the menu panel.