Pixel-Perfect, Instant Articles

The Newsroom replaces your existing article pages with new, instant loading articles - similar to the in-app Facebook experience. The new pages will be visible via any traffic sources - including search or social - unless your setup is in Invite-Only mode.


Article page

Configure Multiple Layouts

The platform supports multiple page layouts - that you initially agree upon with your Account Management team. These layouts should accommodate a number of content types and user experiences, from special reports to video pages and live-developments or game scores. 

Once published, you can change the article theme from the Articles page in the Dashboard.


Fonts and colours

Fonts, colours and overall styling of the pages can be established with the Account Management team when starting the project. 

In-article recommendations widgets

Recommendations widgets keep re-engaging users halfway into the article and at the bottom of the article, once they’ve finished reading. The content recommended among these articles can be configured in their respective Section page - under in-article widgets. 

Article Layouts

Page Dashboard

The Articles Dashboard offers insights on each individual story - contextualising data from multiple sources  - such as Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook - along with the traffic info obtained via the card that’s advertising the story. The page also offers quick insights on the performance of similar articles - for a better understanding of the interest around one specific topic.

Article Layouts

Load Speeds

When accessed via the main newsfeed or in-page recommendations, article pages would load instantly - in a similar way Facebook’s Instant Articles load. Some the page content arrives in page along the card, while the rest is pre-fetched while article is in the current viewport. 

When accessed via search or social media, articles would typically load in under 1 second as the request is pre-cached on the nearest global location.