Desktop Widgets

Although we are primarily a mobile platform - we support a number of desktop integrations, aimed to surface more personalised recommendations to your users. 

Desktop Recommendations

Content Recommendations Widgets

The Newsroom allows you to build any type recommendations widgets for your desktop product, from the bottom of the page “You might also like” units, to side panels or even site headlines. We help you re-gain control over your most valuable inventory and break the quality trade-off with content recommendations platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain or Revcontent.


Widget Settings

Similar to the mobile widgets, desktop widgets carry settings that they pass further into the  Content Requests that they generate:

  1. Formatting (e.g., images sizes, text size, etc)
  2. Recency (e.g., only take stories from the last 24 hours)
  3. Content Categories (e.g., business, finance)
  4. Editor Permissions (e.g., a list of senior staff that would publish under top of the page inventory)
  5. Optimisation (e.g., top performing CTR or latest stories)
  6. Noise reduction (e.g., recommend a story for only 3 times)
  7. Partner Content Acceptance (e.g., blocked or allowed from specific sources: AP, Reuters, etc)
  8. Native Ads Acceptance (e.g., yes / no / only specific advertisers)
  9. Maximum number of ads per widget (e.g., 2 ads out of 8 placements)


Widget Reports

Understand the performance of your units with an in-depth view of content and native ad performance.

Widget Reports

Understand what runs where:

Discover the top stories that are winning their way into the section. 

What runs where

Native Ad Products

Recommendations widgets create a good opportunity to create prominent native ad inventory that you can monetise and manage on the platform. Read more about Native Ads and Campaign Setup .

Ad Platform