Transform Your Content Experience with Feed Composer

Feed Composer acts as a Digital Experience Delivery platform - effectively decoupling your CMS from the user-facing experience. The platform allows you to depart from a "one-size fits all" broadcast model and start building unique, personal content journeys for each one of your users.

Build your Site on a New Foundation

Design your site sections and page layouts using configurable building blocks that can be deployed or re-assigned in just minutes. 

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Test and Improve Layouts in Just Minutes

Understand which page layouts drive the highest user engagement. 

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A 360° View Over Content Performance

Drive a dynamic content experience for every user while maximising ROI for each individual story. 

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Understand Staff Performance

Understand the contribution, impact, and historical performance of every staff member.

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Deliver an Uncompromised User Experience

We're on a mission to help your teams deliver the fastest, richest and most rewarding user experience available over the mobile web today.


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