We're Newsroom AI

We’re helping publishers re-establish their identity as innovators, leading the next decade of change in which journalism is enabled and not threatened by digital media.

In August 2017, PEW Centre revealed that according to their latest research, two-thirds of U.S. adults get their news from social media. The findings are astounding for a number of reasons, but primarily because Facebook is now able to control the global flow of information and could seriously be disrupting the truth, according to The Guardian. 

Another cause for concern is that Facebook has now become one of the main distribution channel for publishers, and, odds are, said publishers will end up paying to connect to, what they thought are, their social media fans. 

Newsroom AI is on a mission to challenge Facebook’s domination of media and their de-facto status of Publisher of  our time. Our work addresses three main challenges in digital content publishing:

  1. user experience and personalisation
  2. content diversity and syndication
  3. commercial opportunity